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Red Wines

Farmhaus Red- $18

Rich subtle tannins with light fruit flavors and a clean finish.

Ancient Vine Cinsault- $25

An ancient grape planted in California in the 1800's that still produces a fascinating yet simple wine earthy notes of red berry and dried fruits.

American Malbec- $28 *NEW

Bold and robust with flavors of dark fruit, and hints of spice and oak.

French Malbec- $28 *NEW

Refined, expresssing floral and dark fruit notes.


Syrah- $25

Full bodied dense tannins with spicy notes of plum and blackberries.

Cabernet Sauvignon- $25

Hearty and rich deep fruit flavor with hints of black currant and blackberry.

Old Vine Red Zinfandel- $25

One hundred year old vines that produces a medium bodied red wine with a perfect balance of fruit and tannins.

Merlot- $25

Medium bodied with soft tannins and hints of plum and chocolate on the finish.

Moonlight Ride- $18

A medium bodied red wine mellowed by ripe fruit flavors. Served chilled. SOLD OUT

Concord- $18 

Deliciously sweet and full of the true  traditional Concord flavor. Served chilled

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