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White Wines 

Farmhous White- $18 

Delicate with light citrus flavors and a clean finish.

Pinot Grigio- $25

Light bodied and fruity with soft floral aromas. SOLD OUT

Chardonnay $25

Crisp notes of apples and citrus with a smooth finish.

Cherry Riesling $21

Crisp wine with a subtle hint of fresh picked Montmorency Cherries.

Riesling $21

Crisp and fruity with a hint of sweetness at the finish.

Traminette- $21

Indiana’s signature wine. A spicy crisp wine with hints of apples and peaches. * Gold Winner at the State Fair.

Sauvignon Blanc-$25

Vibrant Acidity with tropical citrus flavors on the finish.

Muscat- $21

Made from American Muscat grapes full of sweet citrus flavors with a soft finish.

Cayuga- $21

Light and fruity with a trace of sweetness on the finish.

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